She reads to write

I have given myself a bit of a case of ‘brain-fry’. In my efforts to improve my writing, do some work for the Blogging Meetup, and *gasp* start writing a book, I literally am kind of zapped. I’m in the zone but it’s less of the creative kind and more of the operational/informational kind. Oh but it’s so good though!

I decided my brain needed a little break, and maybe a creative push, so I am indulging in something I’ve been missing terribly… Fiction.  See I am one of those people that literally gets immersed, lost, and consumed in books-more specifically, fiction. Oh how I love me some books! It’s unfortunate that I have to ration myself of this strange addiction. Yes I wonder too, what’s wrong with me? Well, at least I know how to manage my obsessions, I suppose.  I got an audio book this time (all those audible credits piling up) and I am listening while I run. Annnnd any other moments I can steal away between chores hee hee… 

What have you done before to spark your creative juices? Tips, tricks, summer-saults welcome…❀️



  1. It helps me to a point but sometimes I get too lost in books that I never find time to write. I enjoy listening to books and podcasts while I run, as I feel it is a great use of my time. The only bummer is I can’t write any thoughts down while listening and running. Good luck and hope it works for you!

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  2. I was struggling with the same issue at first – gain focus. Having an hyperactive imagination and lot of creativity is wicked, but to write a book you need at lot of focus. So I trained my brain by entering writing challenges. Now I write way faster and I can illustrate just about any topic. I created a Weekly Writing Workshop – on Mug’s Tale, a wordpress blog – with a friend of mine, if you are interested I can send you an invite to participate πŸ™‚ Let me know! Hugs and happy writing!

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      1. Fantastic, Amanda! πŸ™‚ I am looking forward to reading you then! Here is a link to Mug’s Tale so that you can have a look at the upcoming workshops. I am the one who reads and edits the texts before they are published. I won’t modify much, usually our author’s text only need to be proofread basically. πŸ™‚


      2. I have a question, are ‘short stories’ the focus of MugsTale? I’ve not yet ventured into short stories yet so stretching myself into that aspect of my writing here will be challenging/fun. Besides the book I’ve started, my writing has been primarily ‘conversation’ based. So I was just hoping you might help me gain clarity on the platform for MugsTale before I begin the Expectations challenge. Email me if best – thank you again!

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      3. Hey Amanda! I am so happy to hear from you, and even more so to hear that you are tackling one of our upcoming themes ❀ That is quite alright. It is a great question I can answer here. πŸ™‚ There are no restrictions as of the form your writing can take. All you have to do is explore the topic at hand with your words. It can be in the form of short stories, poetry, dialogues even if you'd like, whatever you like best. Our aim is to encourage creative writing. Most of our authors choose to explore our themes through short stories, but that is up to each of us. I hope I answered your question. I can't wait to read you. πŸ™‚ Happy Writing!


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