Accent of Confusion

The day of arrival is upon us! Our lovely 16 year old French Exhange student came home with us today, to stay for the next 3 1/2 weeks. I can’t imagine why in the world the Diplomat Society saw us as, and I quote “a perfect host family”.  

I spelled it out in detail during the interview. We are loud, boisterous, argumentative, playful, my husband and son (and daughters too) always wrestling around (I swear when she witnesses this for the first time she is going to be beside herself in confusion-abuse? Play? Holy crap! The words ‘shut-up’ – as much I hate it – is as common in this house as ‘what’ or ‘thank you’.  And I’m also known for a swear word or several throught the day. It’s like the southern version of the big Italian family. I love it, but it IS chaos. 

Speaking of southern, the poor sweetie who admits her English is ‘so-so’ is having a heck of a time understanding words she does know but can’t understand coming from our mouths. It doesn’t help to try and hear my husband speak to her either, I can’t quite tell if he’s trying (failing) a French accent and one syllable at a time-oh and don’t forget the hand gestures… It’s ridiculous is what it is. 

Perhaps her saving grace is that tomorrow she and my oldest child whisk away to a week of Christian camp up in the north GA mountains with hundreds of other teens. It’s an amazing trip my kids take with their age group every year for the last 6-they look forward to that more than our beach vacations to be honest. So I have no doubt she will have a blast and make meaningful memories this week. 

The whole 3 weeks will have her leaving here over stimulated I’m certain lol.  She brought lots of terrific presents and we intend to send her home with her own care packages too. We have to be careful she won’t run into any problems with customs though, so if anyone has suggestions I’d love some feedback! 

I’m excited but also determined she have the best experience we can offer. I might find myself chronicling some of it here. Until then, we will work on our accents to be clearer for her. Fun times!!



  1. Sounds to me like you are the model family! Opening your home is a wonderful, selfless and revealing thing to do. I think keepin’ it real is the only way to be. I bet your guest will remember those genuine moments–the wrestling, the goofing, the accents!–as the best part of the trip.

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  2. What a great experience for all of you and especially for her. She will love being with you … nothing beats being with people who are natural, fun loving and open hearted. Let her embrace it all!

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