Tonight I was helping my husband do a loathsome farm chore with my girls. Since my son is away at camp this week I’ve been his missing set of little hands. He started a little sing song of ‘my oh so amazing wife is so frea-king awesome’ and then topped it off with a little ‘and so am I-I’ which spawned a giggle. But for whatever reason it was a ‘hone into the moment from above myself’ kind of thing. Ever have one of those, where you just get touched by something small, to where things just kind of zero in on a perspective? Hmmm, maybe that doesn’t make sense but that’s what it was.

I just thought to myself yes I am freaking awesome. And yes so is he, and look at my girls-they’re pretty amazing, and my son-he’s pretty awesome too. WOW, how blessed am I? How blessed are we?

It was just my unexpected few minutes amazingness. My cup runeth over.  No matter what I’m struggling with, how well I’m coping or not, I am surrounded by awesome. And my arms are wide open to receive this gift, with more gratitude that can be spilt from my heart.

If you didn’t have a special moment today, try and have one now. Think about your surrounding right now, your family and the bonds you share, the roof over your head, the car you drive, the job you have, the (little or a lot) of money in your bank… Everything. Have an out-of-body experience on purpose. And say thank you to your higher power. 




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