New Adventures

Ah yes, so I am back from my road trip, picking up the new travel trailer. I. Am. Thrilled!

I know it’s such a small thing, and to some a rather boring event in my life of attaining a new thing. But this camper, as well as the last one that we had, is about so much more to me than just being a thing. A car is a neccesity; a camper is not. Or is it?

I suffer from wander-lust.  I’m also broke (enough).  I have three kids who are getting older way too fast, a husband that is just way too busy on a daily basis and does not have nearly enough vacation days at his job.  AND…I’m not a really good ‘get-dirty-do’ kind of gal.  See, we had a pop-up before. I loved it too, but I just couldn’t grab it and go with my kids without my husband. I couldn’t crank it up and set it up by myself-I needed help. With this one- I can DO by myself. 

I think…

Ok, I can’t back it up by myself yet. But I’m going to learn by George! That’s the only thing I don’t know how to do.  But, as I will prove to myself on this trip coming up, I can do everything else right now by myself. I’ve told the hubs not to help me disconnect and set up when we get to Myrtle next week (next week-eek!).  I’m going to do it. He wants me to teach him all the stuff I learned as I go-because he doesn’t know how on the new one either. But the point is I’ve never really done the do by myself because I’ve never needed to. I had my dad, I had boyfriends, I had a husband..I just kind of never really needed to do the physical labor of stuff like this. Never had the inclination to even want to, let alone need to. 

Y’all, I was terrified of pulling that thing home 5 hours by myself without my husband doing it. But I did it and I was really proud. I was a tightly wound rubber band the whole time – as every time I got out of the car I was cranked – and I was so utterly exhausted when I got home because of the pure intensity I put into my body focusing on that drive. What if my car won’t pull it afterall? Is it too much weight? What if I get a flat tire, I’m screwed! Am I going too fast? Am I going too slow? Can I cross lanes, I can’t see? The angst goes on…

I’ve watched every You Tube video I can about tanks and hoses and water heaters and… I’ve got this! I will do this by myself. For many reasons. One to prove to myself that I can. Two to pick up and go with the kids whenever I want even if the hubs can’t go because he doesn’t have enough vacation days. Three to spend more time (and less money) with my family. Four to just go-go here, go there, go anywhere I want. Five to do it because I CAN. 

It’s a new adventure for us. For me.   Literally and spiritually. 

Any new adventures in your life? What are you tackling that you’re terrified of, but doing anyway?



  1. Congratulations on the new travel trailer. Good for you to be willing to take this adventure. We own a 27 ft trailer trailer. Yes, I have have driven while pulling it but that’s so the hubby can take a break from driving. My kids are old enough to set up and break down camp. They started when they were pretty young – removing or putting down the wheel chocks and locks, helping with the stabilizers, connecting to water and electricity. One thing we have done is my husband will drive the trailer to a campground near the beach and I would drive his car down. He would stay for the weekend and then go to work during the week. The he would come back the end of the week, stay for the weekend, and then bring the trailer back home. Have fun with yours. If you have any questions, please ask! I love to see young families that trailer camp.

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