Monday’s “Wine”

What’s on my mind…

Ah yes, my favorite cheap red swishing in the glass tonight….is it Monday, really? Dang, it feels like Wednesday already. Maybe it’s just because the beach is just days away…

Kids are heavy in my thoughts tonight. Am I doing this right? And all of the thoughts of sending them off into the world armed with only what I could teach them in such a short amount of time. I’ve got a few years yet, I just hope the teen years don’t make a right turn for, well any of it. I can only pray. Saved, Loved, Safe and Protected, Good. God’s angels he lets me borrow, my blessings from Him. Thank you! 

I guess that’s the main reason I get so very excited about vacations like this. I wanted it to be just the 5 of us, but husband begrudgingly willed me into letting 2 of them bring friends. Can’t let all 3-there’s no place to sleep! It’ll still be family time though. I don’t get these years back. So I was hell-bent on getting this new camper so I could maximize our time together. So glad it worked out thanks to my parents. I think they get that’s the very reason for it and helped. 

So I’ll sip on my wine, say my prayers, and just keep doing what I’m doing and seeking guidance from Hom and be obedient. 



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