Evening Coffee

A rare evening with nothing on the  agenda (thank you thunderstorms) I brewed myself a blissful cup of coffee and enjoyed catching up with my blog family and browsing other great blogs too.  As Friday creeps up on me, with a jam-packed schedule once again, I reflect on the week.

At work it was a fast and furious beginning, but it was the ‘hurry up and wait’ dance, which left me pretty idle the rest of the week. Tomorrow promises to be no different. Very frustrating because there’s a small tidal wave coming and I would love to get under it so I can sail it to the shore, but it can’t be helped. But I kind of have a problem with not being in front of my computer and phone at the ready at all times while I’m ‘at work’. I’ve talked to my boss about this and he insists that I need to enjoy the lulls when they come and fill the time with things that need to get done because when it’s busy it’s busy.  This working from home thing is awesome but it is a total culture change, especially with a work ethic like mine.

So I look at my ‘to-do’ list and the state of my house (wreck) I wonder if I could have been a hell of a lot more efficient with my idle time this week. Also, no excuse to have not exercised one iota this week either. None. So… Feeling rather like I’ve been a total slug this week on all fronts.

Annnnd… It’s about time.  Yup, sorry – not sorry I think.

Share a cup of coffee with me-tell me about your week.  Were you a superhero, a butterfly, or a slug?



  1. It’s 4am here and I’ve got my cuppa tea in hand. My week felt busy and yet I can’t quite pinpoint exactly what I did. Exercise was also placed on hold. Apparently it’s a normal phenomenon when you have a newborn. And yet you can’t help but feel bewildered when you wonder “What did I do all day?” Not sorry AT ALL.

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  2. I have had a few hectic days this week, but I still feel like I haven’t accomplished much. I want to get back into shape but find it difficult when your holding your baby all day. But I discovered while I was in town yesterday, a babywearing workout group! I hope to join these ladies. They meet twice a week. I just hope my shyness doesn’t keep me from it. Haha

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