Love Yourself. One Step at a Time.



  1. What a beautiful post of self-reflection Amanda! Will you choose to incorporate this focus into next week and those beyond? No need to answer. I love how you highlight that even 10 minutes of meditation or yoga has an impact. So many times we make ourselves feel like it should be this long ritual and we need to invest an hour to see results, glad you point out that isn’t so. I agree with your last point. It reminds me of a quote I came upon once saying “Choosing me doesn’t mean me first, it means me too.” Can’t wait to see how you progress during the next 6 weeks 🙂

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  2. It’s so incredibly important to consciously develop loving-kindness for ourselves as a constant and integral companion on the journey of self-discovery. All too often we are plagued with doubt and criticism, which cripple our efforts and progress.

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  3. I am a bit confused. All I can see is a banner on the left side of my screen with your title and the comments on the right side. No post? It seems that others can see it, but I can’t. I am using Safari. I tried it also in Chrome and it didn’t work there either. Hmmm… Sorry!

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