Fueled by the excitement of yesterday’s WP feature of Blogging Meetup, it really got me thinking. 

It’s great that so many more people have discovered us, now being enlightened of our small family in the blogosphere by our very dear WordPress. But the really exciting part of all of this is how many more people I get to discover through the site as well. 

@ericmwalk and I spend a lot of time trying to come up with fresh ideas or try to figure out the best way to execute things, including ideas other members have emailed us, within our limited format…honestly you have no idea… But I know I personally haven’t had the pleasure of actually visiting most of the sites within the community and read…in depth, exploring the wonderful sites in the Index.  It’s been all about keeping the community engaged with one another. So I think I’m going to take off my Admin hat for a few days and go on a blogging scavenger hunt (funny, this is one of my ideas for the site itself). 

I can’t wait to discover more, share some inspirational posts that impact my Road and my personal journey, and get myself back in the conversations. Get me connected and back on track…Writing. A passion that I have discovered, but let languish as of late. And isn’t that the whole point for me specifically anyway-to find my passions and purpose in this world? Well I found one and then let myself abandon and ignore my flowing creative juices. 

So here I go, on the hunt for more perspective, more fun, inspiration, and best of all, more friends.

I encourage you to spend some time too – just discovering others, even if it’s just for an hour every few days. What treasures you’re sure to find! Let’s go exploring y’all!



  1. The Blogging Meetup was a great find yesterday. I have been looking for this kind of thing all month since I started writing my short stories. Looking forward to learning a lot from the more experienced writers.

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