Everyone needs a cheerleader in their life. It doesn’t matter who you are, what age you are, or what your goals are, encouragement is a necessary ingredient in one’s life, I think. 

And one would think that your spouse would, not only be your biggest cheerleader, but would expect you to be theirs as well.  Let’s just say you didn’t expect it, maybe that’s the wrong word, but at least you would desire it…

So color me baffled, with a little bit of pissed off and a little bit of hurt, that my husband is completely flippant about this. 

He’s doing one of the biggest obstacle challenges in the state this coming September, and not only did he not think I was coming to watch him again this year, but didn’t care if I was coming or not. He made plans to spend the night with his cousin who is doing the race as well, and when I said ok I would just meet him there, he was like ‘why would you want to come?’  

Seriously? What the what?

A few weeks back I had a 5k race after his obstacle race that afternoon, where of course I was there holding bags and snapping pictures and cheering him on. Number one, he could have cared less if I was there either. Keep in mind folks-this is only his 2nd race – of any kind.  Of course I was going to be there! It’s not a common occurance for him. Number two, I expected him to fully ‘show up’ and cheer me on that night as I raced as well-minus the mud, thank you very much (not my cup of tea). Pictures would have been a nice bonus… My feelings were so hurt because he sat in a chair that night while I ran, posted pictures of his race (that took) the whole time on Facebook, and didn’t even see me cross the finish line. I cried about it actually.

I have a “goal” race on the 21st and by gosh I’m dragging the whole family to that one and even making my BFF run it with me to keep me going (She was like hell yeah!).  I desire my cheering squad and expect them to be there for me for something so eventful to my goals. I don’t ask that they come to any other races-the only reason hubs was at that one a few weeks back was because it was on the way home from his race and right after.

He’s very supportive and encouging for me in other small ways, more often than not he “indulges” me, but when it come to milestones or ‘events’ I guess he’s of the mindset of how’s this possibly fun for me?  Seems to be no issue for him when it come to the kid’s sports…

I’m his wife-me of all people he should want to be there in his cheering squad. It’s simply bonus that I want to be there! He is my husband and I expect him to be at my race as my cheering squad, and because he wants to be, not because I’m dragging him to it. 

And still, after explaining my feelings to him, he still doesn’t get it. Maybe I should just not show up for his and see how he really feels about me not being there when he’s done…

Am I being a bit self-indulgent here? Being a big baby? Because I’m actually kind-of pissed and definitely a lot hurt. 


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