Continuing the Journey-I haven’t lost sight

I have been absent, and for that I am sincerely regretful. It has been, by no means, intentional. I won’t belabor the issue of me being “busy”, we all have that in our lives in varying degrees.  These times come as crashing waves or settle in calmer waters.  The short of it is, I miss my community here. 

So let me tell you a bit about where I am today. My wonderful reading time, pouring through the self help books and lectures that were helping me navigate through self-discovery have been following me everywhere I go…but have remained unopened.  Just a longing glance or two at the pretty handmade Guatamalen bookmarks holding my last page and the post-its tagging my notes peeking out… I must make time to explore, they were so insightful to my journey. The books, your blogs and voices…

I haven’t stalled – I’ve just had to drive the bus onto a detoured road, hopefully leading me back to the one I was definitely on.  Challenges. They must be overcome-no? The view isn’t as pretty but I’m absorbing everything I can anyway. Every angle has a different light that shines through….

Reading the latest in my library from Dan Millman (whom I highly recommend) talks about the strengths and weaknesses of my primary personality composite.  The primary focus for freedom seekers like me is discipline. Let me tell you guys, it’s discipline where I struggle most in my life. You’d think with the accomplishments I talk about here I had/have to have a great deal of disclipline, but it does not come naturally to me and I must force motivation and displine Every. Single. Day.  I’ve progressed though because most days I win the battle, but then some days I don’t. 

I’m still drinking the happy juice though-thank you Jesus. I am embracing that which I can’t control and learning to cope as best I can right now. This too shall pass. 

I have so many draft posts but none of them ever seem right at the time, so I will let those summer for awhile before publishing. But I’m back on track, at least here, to share some of the successes I’ve had so far, and a few where I’m still flailing. That’s ok, I may be an over-achiever but I am learning to take the lack-luster with the grain of salt, a little humility, and see tomorrow as another day to get it right. 

Thanks for staying with me this time, and I promise not to go awol again anytime soon. 

Let’s have some fun-shall we? 😎. More light tomorrow, loves of mine! 



  1. Every single day is a blank canvas.
    Every single day we have the ability to do something new so NEVER beat yourself up because there will always be tomorrow and if you are the best you you can be today, then that means you are the best person that you know.
    Keep on rocking.

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