Busy bee

Oh the push and pull of being one insanely busy bee! These last three weeks have just been a blur, exciting stuff for sure, but I definitely need more hours in the day right now. (Who doesn’t though, right?)

So I’ve been running a lot and doing races every weekend. It’s been great as I’ve PR’d myself every run for the last week and half. Feeling really stoked about that. Started back to cross fit last week too – and I still hate it. Giving myself a month to make the final call on whether I find something else instead. Husband would be so bummed-he really wants us to do it together, which has been my ONLY reason to lug myself into the car… dreading my arrival into purgatory in which I pay good money to be at. There’s something really sick about that, truly. 

I’ve come to the realization (as this is the second time this has happened) that my body MUST have consistent vitamin intake. Once again I’ve gone a couple weeks without taking them, inconsistent the weeks prior, and I’m a walking willow right now.  One that has a to-do list a mile long.  Motivation I have, energy -not so much…

My front porch project is coming along. I’m planning to paint the concrete Saturday. Then I’ll be able to bring out all of the furniture I’ve overhauled. Still got some things I want to acquire for it but I think I’ll still post before/after pics soon.  I turned this into a sitting area on one side and a meditation zen space on the other. So excited – Idea inspired by Niki at The Richness of a Simple Life (link to come).  Even now though I’ve already been using it for my meditation prayer time or yoga in the mornings before I kick off my day. It’s been really great for channeling my focus. I’m a high powered stress worker though- the busier I am the more I thrive. Chaos needs chaos, right? Or something like that…

Blogging has been top of mind but low in priority. I’m trying to shift that this week as I am missing my community dearly AND I have lots to talk about. More than just the ramblings of this post, I promise. At any rate, beyond the laundry list of chores I am still working on me throughout these weeks. The porch is an example of me creating my ‘space’ to be at rest and peace. 

So, apologies for the lull and I promise that will change soon. Thank you all for your continued support even through the quiet – sending me messages asking about me. It means a lot- I adore y’all more than you know! 💜



  1. Awesome! I started working on my front porch last weekend! Well, front and back. Our house needed a lot of work when we got it, and I think it will take years to get the yard up to par. But it’s definitely a rewarding project.

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      1. Also props for doing Crossfit! I haven’t tried that out yet but I know it’s incredibly challenging.


  2. I couldn’t agree more with this sentence as it sums up how I feel as well.. “Blogging has been top of mind but low in priority.” As I was thinking about writing something but decided to read a couple blogs instead. I too hope to find more time to write a couple of things in the near future. However, good luck on your projects and race this weekend!

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  3. Happy to see you here today! Busy bee sounds like an understatement, but I’ve got a good feeling all the things you need to do will get done at exactly the right time–exactly as they’re meant. We’ll wait patiently for you. Well, mostly patiently!


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