All Roads Lead to ‘Purpose’

So I went to therapy tonight. Yes I go to talk therapy about every three months, and I think everyone can benefit from it. As you can imagine from my history I was going twice a month when it was a pear-shaped life, but I still go now because of many reasons, but most of them are positive. 

Of course I shared my new baby, my blog and the wonderful community it has shown me. In true couch-to-chair fashion, she asked me what I’ve learned about myself through this experience so far. Well… that’s sort of the point of the blog…to learn about myself.  Yes. So what have you learned? Well. Shit. I don’t really know. 

Okay so that’s not totally true, I’ve learned a few things to date. So I feel it’s only fair to share, as that’s what I’m here to do, right?  

  1. I love writing. The thinking of what to say, even when you think you don’t have a word in your mind to put down, but I just start typing and then poof, it suddenly flows. 
  2. I think I’ve said this before, but realizing that maybe what I do have to say is interesting. That it elicits responses and discussions. And maybe even inspiration?  
  3. That there are people all over the world who you get to bond with and see through their eyes into their world too. And I’ve made some pretty great friends so far. I’m sure more to come. 
  4. Reading these books (I swear I am going to start a book review page I just haven’t been able to yet) has really been an eye opener to some things about my personality and where I tend to struggle with putting my pieces together. 

Right now that’s enough. The blog–a little passion of mine. That makes me smile, because having a little passion about something is a really cool feeling. So painting for fun, running for health, and blogging for the soul…traveling a little in the coming months will feed a bit of my soul too. 

She gave me homework. She told me to think about why having a specific purpose in my life is so important to me. She thinks it will get me closer to understanding what that purpose might be. Yeah I don’t understand that either but I’ll do it. She tends to be right.

So in this phase of my life all roads lead to ‘purpose’ and I’m really enjoying the journey so far. 

What’s your road right now, in this phase of your life? 



  1. This blogging also makes me smile, blogging regularly eases my mind it’s just great to have an outlet of emotions and thoughts 🙂

    As for my purpose I don’t really know that yet. Still finding that 😦

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  2. The road I’m on, is apparently the one to hell, according to my Mothah, it is the one that is paved with good intentions…😂 I have done nothing but screw shit up royally-left and right as of late. If I’m not causing trouble by NOT keeping my big, fat mouth shut, then I’m causing trouble BY keeping it shut. I cannot do a damn thing right. Everything is my fault-even the weather-according to my children😂 I’m amidst one giant pity party for myself at the moment. That’s it! Pity Party Parkway!!!!!


      1. Thanks-it’s all ME!!! I mean it’s not really all me but I am just not myself. I think the fact that my oldest is about to graduate may have something to do with it…also, I take a bunch of medications-all for legitimate reasons, but I am beginning to think some may be working against others and I may need to really look at that! Thank you❤️


    1. If you’re on a path to hell, save me a seat! Be nice to yourself, OK? Some days you win, and some days you get rammed with a sharp stick in the eye. I bet your stick in the eye days are many, MANY fewer in number. xoxo

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  3. If I may share my perspective and that which only applies to me – about the quote from “Robert Byrne” – When life becomes a purpose or a purpose becomes my life, my life will be just that “a purpose” and not life.
    To know life is to know life, not known, not knew, to know life. Maybe then, I maybe the life that is life.
    Thank you for letting me share 🙂

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