I have been so incredibly busy since coming home from my time away, but I’ve been thinking about the blog family constant. I’ve spent a good deal of time this evening catching up with all of you and it’s been great! But here I come to my own blog and I struggle with what to write…

I know I had a little ‘blues’ spell on my way home from Vegas, likely due to the exhaustion and over-consumption of alcohol in the course of four days-a concocted depressant if there ever was one. I even cried on the plane home, prompting the attendant to ‘buy’ me a drink.  More alcohol… 

I guess I kind of felt like the Cinderella bubble was sure to burst soon, any minute now I would lose my happy place that I’ve found this year. My mind forced its way down memory lane and I let it take hold of me for a couple days. Why? I just had a really really good weekend! Hmmm, no please. I fixed my thoughts on my state of mind last night, redirecting my wayward thoughts towards the accomplishments I’ve had this year, the focus I have on bettering myself and finding my passion-filled purpose, and just the general feelings of confidence and stength that I have realized and reveled in. I literally took a dose of the happy juice I’ve been sipping and kicked those negative feelings away. I felt much better this morning and lighter in my step. Some of the thoughts and fears tried to sneak their way back in here and there, but again I redirected. It’s not a Cinderella bubble. And I have to remember am not being carried along, that I’m the one driving the carriage now. 

What do you do to keep the fears and ‘what-if’s” away?  When you’re happy, do you feel like the bubble will burst any second?



  1. I try and enjoy it and stay in the present, it’s when it’s over (like I’m back from a great trip) that I sometimes crash. It doesn’t generally last long though, a good dose of reality and just getting on with things helps.

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    1. Thank you so much-that means a lot to me, it truly does! Sometimes I wonder if what I say is very interesting at all, lol. Very excited about the award too! Now what to say about myself…

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  2. What do you do to keep the fears and ‘what-if’s” away? When you’re happy, do you feel like the bubble will burst any second? Good questions.
    Despite having met decent success throughout my life (I did well in school, got good grades, got a job, was selected for a job I loved, bore two children, I’m mostly healthy, etc.), I’ve tended to have been surprised at my good fortune. I mean, I work my ass off, so shouldn’t be surprised exactly, but I never plan for or anticipate good things coming my way. I think that way I’m always so elated and surprised that they do. That does not at all sound like I’m driving the carriage, and I suppose that all the things I do, all the things I’m responsible for, get me to a place where good things are more likely to happen??? I’m just happy they do. I don’t look to the good ending, though of course it will, and I’ll be delighted then when the next good thing rolls my way. I’m not a pessimist either, just grateful when something good happens.

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  3. It is very hard to stay positive when the “bubble has burst” on your enjoyment but I think staying away from alcohol helps so much I would never underestimate its effect on the entire post enjoyment feel.
    I have to confess to feeling so much happier since giving up the booze that although I still imagine drinking it, I don’t know if I honestly want to because of its depressing effects as witnessed by yourself.
    Anyway, I hope you are feeling brighter now 🙂


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