Award Winning: The Versatile Blogger

Next up – the Versatile Blogger Award.  From the amazing Jamie at When You Look For The Good.  Thank you so very much, Jamie!  As a newbie blogger myself, this means the world to me, it truly does!


As part of accepting the award, I have to show the award on my blog (see how pretty?), thank the person who nominated me – Jamie :), share 7 things about myself (SO hard), and nominate 10 other blogger’s amazingness.

So, 7 Things about Myself (had to subpoena the best-friend for some of these):

One: I’m a red-headed, only child.  So my birthday is naturally, a national holiday.  Or it better be or my husband’s in the dog house until I’m done pouting.  (kidding! mostly…)

hmmm…something more flattering to my personal character perhaps…

Two: I have sang (sung?) back-up for the band Poison and for Barry Manilow.  On stage, at a concert.  No seriously, I did.  Once upon a time I was a really great singer.  I don’t sing anymore because…well, see Three…

Three: I have fake eardrums.  When I was 18 and 19 I had procedures called tempanoplasty on both of my ears – where they took muscle tissue from my temple and made me new eardrums.  Pro – I can hear, Con-I can’t hear my inner-voice the same hence I can’t sing like I used to and will not sing (for real) in front of anyone anymore.

Four: I am addicted to young-adult movies.  Step-up, Twilight, Hunger Games, Divergent, yup I’m all popcorn.  Also, whenever there’s a Disney Channel movie on (not the big screen movies) I am sucked in and ‘shhh, I’m watching a movie!’  I blame my children.

Five:  I HATE horror movies and horror TV.  American Horror Story, hell no thank you.

Six: I cannot drink beer, liquor (or wine) only, please.  I was a complete fail at the fraternity parties…

Seven: I make up stupid songs about everything and dance around my house singing them to my kids (in a silly way).  We had a “sit down shut up and eat” song, sang to the tune of some pop or rap song I don’t remember, the whole family used to sing while I was cooking dinner every night.  But I always make stuff up and my kids think it’s so hysterical they put me on ‘show’ mode to all of their friends when they’re over.  You’d think it would be embarrassing now that they’re older, but no it still seems to generate riots of laughter…

Now to the interesting stuff – my nominees:

  1. Success Inspirer
  2. The Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet
  3. The Utopia Universe
  4. Shandra Eats
  5. Jar of Marbles
  6. Kaustab Pal
  7. Peter Kenny


  1. Oh Amanda,
    I am speechless at the moment, and so excited, proud, pinching myself and going to find my spec’s in case I read it wrong, Thank you so much for this nomination from the bottom of my heart, words escape me at the moment, thank you, thank you thank you

    Liked by 1 person

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