Heart of the Matter

I’ve had such an incredibly busy weekend I haven’t really had time to read my books or think of anything related to my self-purpose and passion journey. No planning or journaling of any kind. But, I did have a small moment for reflection…

As I stood outside yesterday, burning boxes in the burn barrel and praying my long hair didn’t light up with the cardboard, I was pondering the incredible experiences I’ve had these last weeks in the blogosphere.  Wow! I’m enjoying writing and reading other blogs SO much!  See, I’ve really only searched through blogs for one specific subject, but have never before put my feelers on to just visit with others. Boy, what I’ve been missing all of this time!

 I don’t ask questions at the end of posts for intrigue, I genuinly want to hear your thoughts, ideas, inspirations, and advice. And I have felt so encouraged by all of you! I am so happy and full being a part of the blog family. 

Thank you for welcoming me and inviting me in to share in your special blog homes too. 



  1. Such a pleasure Amanda. Writing, sharing stories and comments that lead to conversations really does open up a whole new world. I know mine has expanded ten fold and I feel so blessed to be part of something so much bigger. Keep enjoying and have a great week.

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