Come Spring

What Season of life are you in, right now? 

Like the image of my post, I sit on the bench beside the calm of the water, wondering as the buds and blooms take shape and form around me.  All of my senses are heightened as I absorb nature awakening from the harsh winter’s frosts.

It was a very long winter…

What ‘was’ was the climbing of a mountain in the dead of winter.  Poor planing, shoddy or missing equipment, torrential weather, but at least I continued to climb.  I have dealt with many a set-back and hardship, some of my very own making…some maybe not so much.  But that’s life, right?

Hmmm…I think maybe that’s not my life anymore.

As soon as I made the choice to stop letting life happen to me, Spring came.  Seriously, I feel renewed, fresh, a bud just ready to open up!  On every single level of my life I have taken control and taken charge.  And it feels nothing short of wonderful! 





  1. What a wonderful way to capture your feeling and club it with the change in seasons. The photograph you’ve chosen is soothing. I wonder when am I going to climb a mountain. I doubt it would be in winter. Would love to see some snaps of your experience. 🙂


    1. Ah, I didn’t actually climb a true mountain – I used that metaphorically (maybe badly) to reflect that my life up to this point has been a very difficult “climb” up rocky terrain. But now I feel like I’m a the top and enjoying the view. Ready to take on the next chapter in my life wiser and more proactively. Maybe it won’t be such a climb, but a nice hike through the proverbial trail of my choosing. I speak a lot in metaphors for some reason, in real life not just in writing, lol.

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  2. Oh THANK YOU! I SO need to remember that–to stop “letting life happen to me”!!! I am sitting in the lobby of our hotel in Tennessee–waiting for our room-we are here again, for another audition for Mini Me-(for college, not a show or a role or anything 😉 and I have been having a large pity party for a week….about my life! I wish I had made myself take the time to work on my Blogging 101 assignments before this morning! As soon as I read your post, I felt the world lift off of my shoulders. Thank you.

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    1. Lifting the weight off your shoulders – even if for a moment- made my day! Yeah I’m really done with being reactive to life, it’s made a mess of things too many times. I need to drive the bus now. So I am learning how and hoping… We can do this!

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  3. Great post and very well put as I seem to relate to what you are saying. I am glad to hear you have turned things around as I know it is a process. In fact, sometimes it is small changes that eventually set yourself up for the big one. To everyone continuing to take control/take charge of their lives, keep it up/going!

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