Something Worth Writing For

I do so love to write!

You’d think after 196 research papers over the last five years I would be loathe to say I enjoy writing anymore, but I do enjoy writing for myself.  I love the creative process of writing – especially when I feel like I have nothing to say and then, viola, I’ve written something.  Hey it may be crap but I wrote and that was fun all by itself. 

I have to admit, starting and writing for this blog has been a refreshing and an engaging experience for me. I am remembering what it’s like, writing because I want to and not because I have to. I’ve even pondered the idea of I wonder if I could write a book one day? About what, I have no earthy idea. Am I good enough to even think of such a feat? I’m not particularly creative when it comes to story telling.  Well, I don’t think…possibly an area to explore about myself more, now that I’m not overflowing with analysis of the various contemporary leadership theories or statistics.  Yes doll, school is really over. Honest. 

So that’s another one down for the passion list. Writing and Traveling. Writing about traveling? Ha – wouldn’t that would be golden!

What would you write about if you had the chance to write a book? Would it be a biography? A self-help book? A novel?



    1. I think maybe we all have a story in us… We should so tap into that, don’t you think? Who says we have to publish it – just to write it! (But publishing a best seller would work too) 😆

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      1. I am gravitating that way these days. I have another book finished (being edited) and another in progress that are of a completely different nature than the travel book. I figured I would test the waters with those and see what it’s all about before I go all-in on the self-publishing. In the meantime, I shall face continued rejection from mainstream publishers, in the hopes of getting to stick my tongue out at them in the future when the book is an amazing success and they’ve all passed on it (in related news, I have a halfway decent imagination).


    1. Yes, step back to remember you’re love is the writing of the story you have to tell. Make an appointment with yourself each day to spend time with you. If that’s means writing all the better.

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      1. I think you are a remarkable person for even asking those questions. I think you will find it and grow with it. Our purpose, our goals and our lives change over the years but being true to our core values anchors us.

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