Brilliance Forgotten

I’m not exactly sure why they call it laughing gas.  I have never been compelled to laugh while under the influence of Nitris Oxide. In fact, my most embarrassing event that I can remember was a result of this stuff. My husband and I were on the brink of divorce at the time, obviously the first thing on my mind. So apparently while I was doped-up in the dentist’s chair, I bawled the entire time. When I came to my senses I was absolutely mortified and more than thankful that my mouth was plied open the whole time so I couldn’t put words for my heartbreak to the dentist and his assistant. You’d think they would give pause to administering the juice to me again, but perhaps they want more stories to tell at the staff meeting…

Today I had an appointment with the dentist.  Now the staff and I like to joke that I’m a big dental-diva.  I require nitris and topical numbing cream for my gums-for a cleaning. My struggle with the dentist is real folks, and I’m not even ashamed a little. As I am 60 lbs lighter than my last session with the dentist, the level of nitris may have been a bit too high today and it hit me hard. I mean, I literally have a hangover from the stuff and had to take some Advil when I got home for the splitting headache-that I still have.  But, the flip side to all of this, is that I had some pretty radical inspirations while I was spinning in the chair today…

Problem is – I can’t put my finger on what those exactly were… Go figure. 

What I did get from the experience is that I am obviously in the right frame of mind for self discovery. It’s at the forefront of my mind to find answers.

And that makes me smile. 



  1. The title alone drew me in! As I get, ahem, older, I find myself saying “I used to be smart” much too often. No one believes me anymore anyway! Good luck recovering your memories 😆. Can’t wait to read what you find out.

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    1. Oh I know-I used to be able to remember EVERYTHING and now, not so much…I just say there’s more stuff than my brain can fit now, but my husband swears I won’t remember my last name by the time I’m 50 at the rate I’m going-ha!

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  2. Thanks for sharing your story. It’s good that it left you with a sense of inspiration if not the specifics!

    When my wife was on gas and air she said some very odd things. At one point she solemnly looked at me and said “when this is over remind me to kill the man that invented everything”.

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    1. Ha-that’s great! It’s interesting what we say or think when we’re on the verge of our sub-conscience. Can be hilarity, inspiration, or grief, it seems. Too bad we can’t tap into that more (withOUT the inducement of gas or drugs)!

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  3. OMG! I, too, am a Dental Diva! I require Nitris Oxide for a cleaning as well LOL!! In fact, it’s the only way they can get me in the office😂😂. The time before last, they turned it up too high, and I think I may have passed out. I went into some sort of dreamlike state-I remember exactly what I was dreaming-but they had to shake me to get me to come to! Then I worried I may have snored or committed some worse bodily function crime!😂 I was quite certain that they got a real good laugh out of me that day, and I made sure that the next time they did not turn it up as high!
    I love your blog-I am enjoying reading it!

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    1. So glad to know I’m not the only one lol! My hygienist is great too but says she’s never had nitris herself and wonders what it’s like. Did you get the hangover then too? Oh I really really wish I could remember, all I know is I sobered up and thought “oh that was some good stuff I thought about” but when I got home I couldn’t remember a thing, WA WA WA…thank you for reading my blog and for your support! It’s so encouraging! 😘

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