I couldn’t find the time, so I made it.

Have you ever used a timer when you have a large job to do and need to keep yourself on task?  I do this a lot when I clean house. I tend to get really off-track when I clean house…dusting the blinds leads to scrubbing the windows, and then dismantling the light fixtures to scrub them, which naturally leads to removing the outlet covers and throwing them into the dishwasher, and oh yeah! The kitchen needs to be cleaned too…Now the house is a worse mess than when I started, four hours have gone by, and the bathroom I started in still needs a scrub. So now I carry a kitchen timer around with me to keep me on task. Very effective, in case you’re wondering.

The point is it keeps me focused on the task at hand. I’m not making time, Lord wish that I could, but what I’m doing is keeping my time managed. I have a series of little methods I use to keep my time managed as much as possible. Quite frankly, if I didn’t have lists and strategies for tackling those lists I am certain my lazy butt wouldn’t do what needs to be done. I am certain because I have proven that ‘time’ and again. If it’s not on a list or on my calendar, it’s not getting done – because my mind will wander and I will find something random to do with my time. 

That being said, I haven’t literally made the time to work on my purpose with passion journey. So far it’s been squeezed in here and tucked in there into the holes of my days. Like the appointments I make to work out every day (yes I even block out my calendar) I need to block time every day to focus on this, too. It’s important! 

What’s on your list? What should be on your list? Make an appointment with yourself to do what you want to do and do it. 

Because we all have a cancellation fee if we don’t. They’re called “missed opportunities”…



  1. Thought you were describing me handling house work 😉 I hate , yes hate is the word , cleaning and dusting and so on , but when I have to do it …I get into it , and as I’ve got to do it right (to my standard , that is) I usually lose myself and a 10 min job of “just wiping the counters and under appliances” turns into a major operation of a few hours 😉 . Maybe if I could pace and time myself like you suggest here , I would accomplish a lot more without feeling so stressed ( when I’m not doing them ) or so exhausted (when I finally tackle them) .
    And my “cancellation fee” tab is running really high 😉
    Turtle Hugs

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