Finding Wholeness in the Shadows

I have struggled with this blog post more than I care to admit. For my Blogging 101 class, today’s assignment was to speak to my ideal audience. Who do I want to reach with my blog? Well…You.  And honestly, Me. 

Fear can plague you with self doubt and anxiety. Willing you to failure or contentment and complacency. Just starting this blog and this journey with no real footing yet can be a fearful endeavor. But what if… Well there’s a lot of ‘what if’s’ going on up in my head right now, but it’s just noise to be snuffed out.

I am, in a sense, chasing my shadow.  I see it front of me, radiant and dancing, with the sun shining behind me, beckoning. I’m in the midst of a mid-life event of introspection in an effort to turn towards the sun. I wouldn’t dare call this a mid-life crisis, by no means.  It really is just about finding my wholeness in that dancing shadow so that I can blaze into the sun with confidence that I do have purpose and passion. 

As I plow through the books, articles, and I journal, blog, and derive inspiration from blogging friends, and sponge the goodness from real encounters in my life, I know I will find my wholeness. The hope is then, that once I am on the other side of this-once I have identified what’s really in me and what I have to give back to the world – my voice and this blog will follow the journey of an actionable life too. 

If only one person gets one thing from my writings that resonates within them or sparks a flame inside that causes them to focus on themselves for just a moment and really grasp what they want to do to reclaim themselves and to dance through the world with their own purpose and passion, then this isn’t just some ramblings of a near 40 year old woman seeking her destiny. 

Let’s collectively know we are living our passions.  Walking forward into the sun with our shadows – dancing but also beckoning fear, self doubt, anxiety, and listlessness, those taunting  illusions – behind us. 

That’s my audience, You. That’s my voice, Me. That’s our journey, Life. To shine from within and make a difference. 

So to you I say thank you for walking beside me. 



  1. A blogger friend of mine told me once too about feeling if she reached one person, made one difference, then it’d be worth it. I’ve clung to that. Thinking about who my audience is was a harsh task–thanks a LOT, Blogging101. And yet sincerely, thanks A LOT, Blogging101.

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  2. Welcome! I like exploring the world of fears and courage, and happened to post something on the former a few days ago. It’s an interesting subject, and you’ve done a nice job with it.


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