Parenthood: Inspired

Tonight I shared with my husband that I was taking the Blogging101 class in hopes of getting some great feedback from the blogosphere on The Road to There. It’s very exciting to see what others are doing, showcasing, tips, tricks…I’ve already made a few tweaks and we’re just in day two. Pro-blogger or newbie like me, I recommend giving it a whirl. You not only come back with great insight, but also some really compelling blogs to follow. 

So, back to my adorable husband. He hasn’t seen it before tonight -and dare I say he probably can’t remember the name even now. Just not his thing, but he’s excited for me and this journey I’m on. Even though he can’t wrap his head around the fact that I am literally a week out of grad school and have taken on a new ‘project’. Project, humpf!  No this is a journal of project me. One I hope others can derive inspiration, laugh at my musings, and guide me with their comments. He read my About page and emphatically stated I had lots of purpose in my life. I am Godly. I am a wife. I am a mother. I am a daughter. I am a friend. I am a leader. 

He’s right, I am all of those things. But what am I without a passion too? A really good manager

Maternal passion is mine to own, no doubt. My role is to lead, serve, coach, guide, support, embrace…with a love so deep it transcends. And it is also my role to be visionary and inspire, and of that I am coming up short. 

I just spent the last 5 years teaching my children about sacrifice and perseverance and the rewards of triumph. They are proud of their mother. I couldn’t be more proud of them for having the ability to grasp the struggle and apply it to their own futures. Now it’s time to teach me my passion and act on it, live in it, to inspire that in them too. In a way I think that’s just as important, lest they end up 37 and hobbling along waiting for what happens next in life instead of sailing their own ships too.

First task my darlings: look deep inside and tell yourself what you love.  Write all of those down. 

That’s the assignment your mother has been working on all week…


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