What Do You Love to Do?

What do you love to do?

This really is a simple question. One that should have a natural and easy answer. But well, I’m really struggling with it…

If I could do just one thing, without thought of money or time or even a specific skill necessarily, what would I do because I love doing it or love the idea of doing it?  What would bring me joy and a sense of fulfillment?

I’ve spent so many years wrapped up in making a marriage, making babies, making a career, advancing my education to accelerate said career, rebuilding a marriage, moulding young people… I have just now stopped to ask myself the questions like “what do you love to do?”  And now that I am, I hear crickets…

I honest to God don’t know.  And that my friends, is a very sad state to be in. 

Now, understand that this is completely unrelated to the question, what am I good at?  That’s a whole topic by itself, and honestly, should be a list that goes under your passion headline.  Your passion should be your umbrella and your skills the prongs that hold it open.  

I like what I do for a living and I’m good at it. I want to grow even more with it. But it’s not my passion it’s my job. I learned a long time ago, the hard way, not to identify myself by the work that I do to pay the bills. It is an aspect of me, but it does not make me me. Peoples lives are not changed by what I do, and honestly neither is mine. I do a good job, I feel accomplished at the end of the day, but it’s not what fills me up inside.  My faith fills me up, of that I have no doubt. 

But what is it that I have that gives back to the world and feeds my soul?  It doesn’t necessarily have to make me money, I’m not seeking a new career. Lest we think I’m just looking for a hobby, I’m not; I’m looking for a passion within me. 

What do you love to do?

Have you tried to identify your passion? Did it come as an easy answer or did you really have to soul-search?



  1. I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been this way for 37 years and kinda figured I always would be. But something strange happened last year. I’m not quite sure how or when exactly. I remember being asked what I like reading about or watching in my spare time. Now anyone who knows me knows the answer to that question. I am a self help book junkie. I’m forever reading them and talking about the exciting new techniques or principles I’m learning to be a better me… and help you be a better you too (whether you like it or not).
    Anyway, shortly after this my sister asked me if I wanted to go to a hypnotherapy class with her to see if it was something we could study. Both of us saw the same Therapist and loved him. I’d never thought about studying Hypnotherapy before but maybe we could learn a few ‘self-help’ techniques.. so off I went to the taster class and by the end of it, I’d signed up for the whole course! The great thing is that all the reading materials are books I love reading and will happily read off my own back.
    I never knew what I could do with my interests so never considered them a passion. But somehow, after 37 years of having no idea what I wanted to do with my life.. everything kinda fits now.
    The point of my story is that the answer has probably been staring you in the face the whole time.

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    1. We’re so similar-I am a self help book junky too! I hope it’s staring at me and I just have my blinders on right now. Do you ever feel so filled with ‘stuff’ in your brain but no one thought has a place? Like a library of books that haven’t been put on the shelves? That has to be the best explanation for where I’m at right now in life. I’m a library that got hit by an earthquake!

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      1. Lol! We so are!!! It’s really refreshing to ‘meet’ someone that gets you!
        Yes! Been feeling like that for so long! For the last 2 weeks I’ve been writing a 5 min journal every morning, just to get the jumble of crap that I wake up with outta my head…it seems to be working. I feel a little lighter. Might be worth a shot?
        Hang in there! You’ll find the answers you seek. You’re putting the right questions out there. Take the pressure off and trust you’ll get the answers when you’re ready to receive them.
        Ps – I love the library example. You hit the nail on the head! 😊

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  2. I have and noticed I like to provide people transportation. At Church I would give people who didn’t drive a ride. Now, I am a city bus driver and love it! I also found I love to explain the Bible so now I write about it on my blog! I like this saying, “If you do what you love you will never work a day in your life!

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  3. I envy those who find their passion very young because they have so many years more to enjoy it. However, I’m happy to have stumbled onto mine along the way and hope to do the best with the time remaining. My biggest challenge is finding time for my passion amidst all the requirements of daily life.

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