Hear Us Roar

“I’ve got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire-’cause I am the champion, and you’re gonna hear me roar louder than a lion…”

Yes, I quoted a Katy Perry song. It came on this morning after I dropped the kids at the school bus and I felt compelled to crank up the volume and sing along at the top of my lungs-because it resonated with me. 

It’s all about finding our inner-champion right? We’re all champions in our very own way. You are, without a doubt, somebody’s champion too. Whether you’re a mother, a father, a mentor, a coach, really any leadership role in life you play, you are a champion.  

Embrace and enhance your inner champion:

  • Be your true self.  Being authentic to yourself and to others is not only liberating, it’s endearing to others.  Embrace being bold, confident, energetic and unapologetic for who you are. 
  • Be courageous. If you want something in life, go after it with courage and the unwavering belief that you will have it. 
  • Go with the flow. Change, chaos and the uncertainties of life is inevitable. Stay grounded in yourself, but remain agile enough to roll with the punches life brings. Having the ability to shift gears on a dime and adapt to the situation quickly will help keep you level as you move forward. 
  • Karma. Whatever your spiritual beliefs, the concept of karma is truly about getting back what you put out in life. Giving for the good of others is enough to fill your soul with positivity. 
  • Be present. You are in charge of your life today, in this very moment. Right now is what you have, so savor it. 
  • You’re the director. Don’t just react to life as it happens to you, direct your life to your future with purpose and passion. 

And I want to hear you roar


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