Be Still

Go Go Go- Move Move Move!!  You have a million things to do and only 16 hours in a day to get it done – assuming you have the luxury of getting eight hours of sleep each night, mind you.

Self reflection? Is that between emails and phone calls? Maybe between dinner and lacrosse and wrestling practice… I know, when you’re sucking nitris in the dentist’s chair! Yes!

I took a deep stretch yoga class tonight and found that the hardest thing for me was not the class.  It was my inability to shake the feeling of wanting to jump out of my skin to do something.  I found myself checking the clock to see how long I had left. I felt like I was supposed to be somewhere. Doing something. Here’s the thing… I had nowhere to be, no work to do, no paper to write, no textbook to absorb, no assignment to do, no dinner to cook, my husband was handling the kids…and I was enjoying myself and my class. So why couldn’t I just be still? 

Being still is not a new concept, obviously. There are countless books and articles attesting to the art and process of being still and/ or meditation. Yet, how many of us actually practice the art of doing nothing for a certain time period every day?  Damn, am I just late to the party? 

Just a minute meditations:

“In an ever-increasing global climate of chaos and change, the idea of taking regular short breaks to re-connect with one’s inner strength and values may seem far-fetched if not downright futile. However, taking just-a-minute each hour has been found to make the following 59 minutes calmer, more focused and more effective.”

So I have determined that this must be my first goal. I’m not so sure I can truly turn my brain off in 60 seconds, BUT I am going to be still, clear my mind of my to-do lists, ideas for this or that, and silence all of the internal dialogue, and just do nothing for 15 minutes every day. 

I’m sure I have those minutes here somewhere… Listen self, Every. Day. 

What is your perfect time and spot for the quiet? Has it helped, truly?  I’d love to hear your comments. 


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