I resolve to make the rest of my life the best of my life.

Today is my birthday.  No, it’s not actually my birthday, but it is my Birth Day.  The day that I embark on a personal journey of self discovery.  Self actualization. How cliche! Ah, so it is…

I am 37 years old, married and mother of three, a full-time career woman, and I literally just finished my Master’s degree.  I have all of this knowledge – career experience, education, life experience – and yet I could not sit down and tell you who I am.  What my goals are, what my inspirations are, my passions, my strengths or weaknesses, what my purpose for tomorrow is…  All of these things are there, I know they are.  But none of it has a direction.

I want to be actionable today.  I’m done with just letting things happen and being content with wherever the chips fall.  To really do that I have to harness the ‘everywhere and nowhere’ and really define myself.  I have some plans to help guide me and through this blog I will share my trip.

I hope my road to there might help clear your path as well.



  1. Happy Birth Day Amanda! I’m on a very similar journey to you and have had almost the exact same realisation, at the age of 37 years old too! I’m really looking forward to following your journey. No doubt it will inspire mine! Thank you for sharing it!

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